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September 11, 2019

anytime you can remember to go ahead but when another closer surpasses you in the most unexpected moments If not search for it , you will find what was never lost, illusions lead to thoughts , stop! do not listen to what you feel and dives in the immensity of loneliness that will bring you comfort , all external stimuli should be addressed , we must reject everything that infiltrate , take years learning when it focuses on the fact that continually take out what we pollute , take years of learning behaviors and standards to see that we do not in reality does not lead to any act other than the refutation or denial of truths accumulated by that teach us and when we realize we drop everything that involves the thought only want and desire not to think about it is with great difficulty and torment that fought against ourselves by assuming that we stand verdeiro when in reality this is not true , we want comfort and a sign of understanding what is likely to explanation , they all want to adjust the rules to concepts but everything fades when faced with a new wrinkle: the unexpected and there is always something that makes us mad and for which we could not find any explanation in the applied and was injected as wisdom to combat human existence , when we see a number of concepts and learning that point in a direction no way , obviously feeling oo heads thinking if for any reason we have only theoretical and not applied elations â experience and ability to racíoninio these are in conflict , we must feel in itself by whatever motivates us for granted and think , how to express a given that we do not feel it will never be sincere or explicit , even if we subjugate us to the amazing and painful expriencia of living and passing through situation , it is very nice to imagine , but so our whole life will be just dreams where you think that happens in the background and was never lived or experienced , the skin may feel hurt but the only way to maintain human contact of consciousness of good and evil that our words and actions may lead the other or even avoid carrying nightmares or dreams that are not our need contact , not just imagine , and how , if not used must be felt every word and adjusted to the size the cause and origin of the word all meanings must be dissected to the tiny structure obdece because the logic of building human who lived and want to spend your contribution ... I do not mean that we should all be sick or pass joys or sorrows or enthusiasms , yes we should distance ourselves from nightmares and dreams and conjectures poorly designed , just try to reduce the time that the plug is connected to a particular event , although it the association of ideas can give us a conjecture as to the wisdom of others like common sense , a person does not play with fire because it burns , but there is logic so many lies unlived dreams and nightmares of imagination that must be cut at birth , not worth wasting our time we think and subjugate us to things that are actually inside a box in our brain supposedly invented by wise with proprósito we stimulate certain thoughts and pleasures and pains is as subliminal messages , and I think these should be eliminated because only want to lead a majority determined to be good for mankind to think and imagine and dream and suppose, cut with thoughts and imagination is precisso not live dramas or nightmares , just cut the wire and not be a thread of everything that is supposedly normal to think because anytime you can remember to go ahead but when another closer surpasses you in the most unexpected moments , do not fall into fantasies .


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