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September 11, 2019

Perhaps you may know or not even wanna know how nor am what I am and what they think and project for me, everything rolls of film time, trapped in space, never seen a movie in the same mainframe, what if everyone had access to same movie, maybe we would not have time to tell us, or even never reveal to each other, the imaginary other is our mirror, seeing reflected acts, gestures, movements precisely decorated decorated like escape the inevitable, the always unpredictable , how can man a spirit guide through various spirits, never the same feeling as always always different in space, my reality will never be yours, there will never be rules, laws, ideas that contrast with the conduct of a man, can predict, study, and organize the whole story but as the pictures everything has its time, and what the black magic box that will reveal the incidents, no, because the sarcophagus, there will be an education, a norm, a culture no one when I say no one will know how to apply all that is register to condemn, to judge, to humiliate and take action on all actions, everything is wide, I'll give you an example of standards and behaviors acquired in a school will always the one who wants to go to the toilet, there will always be one that will have the same questions, you really think you can classify a group through individual notes, perhaps the mastery is in society and the implementation of standards and prior learning, which will be. .. is a great effort to please others because it is normal following a regulation, but because the rules are there who can adapt to the norms and feel them and understand them the same way, what I envision is always unknown, perhaps the word, the symbols are codes of conduct, but why is not everyone realize, why require adaptation to a standard that a mass that was conceived a whole when the cable end to see that the game is the most precious, we dig the mountains and find a precious commodity, your soul of the person, we can not persuade people to be when diamonds are rocks that are shaped like the weather the wind and rivers and everything, but everything is kind of stimuli can those of pure being which did not receive any stimulus, because I did not advance just because the light is green, even advancing safely be able to have an accident, and so life is made up of unknowns, you'll either all the way to the end, but thou shalt not know the route of a single person. The world are people with the world and if you do not know a single person never will know the world, the more worlds and people or what we call society....


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