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September 11, 2019


If I think of all the circumstances possible, would be a calculation endless, but as will all hypotheses and reducing chances are as good or bad luck, I can not fail to have 99.999% and the probability of hitting even one point in my life, everything and among crosses - crosses, if they say everything comes from nature and things complement and precipitate as any reason they were successful that everything happens for a reason, I do not say that everything happens for a thousand reasons and justify something that happened to me, but I would have a better chance of creating defenter and causes me not to have happened, it would be so much harder to find because it did not happen like that because it happened, you could summarize those truths and consequences of, for example if you do this, or better if it is sunny tomorrow I'll be well prepared if you'll be rain unwell assign consequences to acts is not merely a logical explanation for the slow down in fear and trembling we want to give an explanation to everything, but really think everything has an explanation or a sequence or story if I think well if I decipher a look negative and the result is positive through my turnaround, raises a more careful analysis of everything that moves and guides us in the direction of orientation, or will even issue guidance total justifiably want to explain that there is a reason, the reason is as strong as hold your breath and do not want to breathe when however we know that we will not die by holding your breath because we can not and are forced to breathe again, so whenever we breathe, breathe a reason, this breath or outburst of eloquence or our survival is the ratio of screening our control, some say, but I have faith and believe, yes yes sure as I leave the lottery, or explanation of such reasons unexplained leave me not, we always have a reason, a justification would be so much easier to turn off the button and do a reset in the future we thought hits in search of our fear factor, so that the martial arts were created not to attack or defend but to find a mechanism to think and justify our protection, lifelong seek objects luck charms, or simple traits that give us meaning and feed us the reality of being connected to this world and to all the people who leave a mark to which we attach an idea or an act, but not all have the satisfaction is something so imperfect as to find meaning in a simple infinite line and a calculation whose equation is a mistake, and this notion of error is over fertilizing time because there will be those who are justified to have happened, but also those who exalt themselves for a thousand and one reasons not to have happened, it all means to fight the force unnatural survival and say and think I'm here to do whatever it and that not only is the invisible soul disappears and pulverising in the Spirit....

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