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September 11, 2019


My night is warm absorbance of feelings, I'm not cold much less cold, but some things are buried, are petrified in the past, I am no longer the same, or perhaps it is the same as I was, it was what I wanted and knew was right, as right as 20 years ago, the current youth, an adventure thought the mental rest, I'm cured or semi-cured, may have learned to cage the past, bluish black white red is like a fossil fuel gives me but not my energy I knew the feeling would settle and stay in pre-man that I am, perhaps nature is not the same, maybe men and women not to feed more of the same energy, or maybe I do not want to reuse energy but form them and generate what reassures the soul. The dullness was no longer the same, I'm not crystallized, but I am solid in places where the temperature is not the same in mind that I was, oh maybe yes maybe not what it was but maybe want to be in a way where I feed Hope that often mutilated and abandoned, perhaps a refreshment of thought, I was so many things to be me and yet these things got lost and no longer want them, do not want to start over, but I learned and perhaps naturally left to chance this learning to free myself, to become lucid, I'm less moody, one without salt, but with water that she try to be as natural, which was, oh my god, what is spent by all, and I was actually only went to others who made me, perhaps to thank and say goodbye to those thoughts, all addictions, all rules, all laws that have imposed me, made me all the strategies, and in the end I am not even taken by a current only because I do not want to be influential, want to be as natural as the air we breathe and colorless, calm, do not want to cause pain, painless for those who want to be teased me pain, do not want do not want to rejuvenate aged want to be in my time without forgetting the I regret so many things that many others persuaded me, and in the end, I do not want news not want evil, I do not want revenge, nor hope, just me the thread of a simple chain with care do not care or simply get in stanb by my current which has the same advantage as the rivers use the forces as they move going towards wind and use your energy, not unlike me because I know that I am a force that joins other forces, this force is as well as clear or ie the Good.

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