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September 10, 2019


The World Is Bipolar starting with North and South Poles and beings existing in this world are extreme in which is exemplified through the act of survival of living beings, whether animal or plant kingdom, in which breathing that both inspires and expires can transmit this act of survival, but it is generated by people watery world, this may be a moment in a battle of impact between life and death itself right man and the beings surrounding created ways and means of foreseeing the danger, and to follow a good advice on which avoid danger but in this case we have to be imminent All maneuvers, strokes and even martial arts imitating animal beings that own defense strategy and strokes as well as simply destroy through a sophisticated attack or rudimentary, but it can reaches the end, but death is not the most important situation mechanism by which they are governed all values of sabotage or congeminações under a single aspect of creating fear, may be the same air you and I breathe in and out can be transformed in a reality of air power to love and tell the world that we can take in all the colors of the rainbow and multiplies them in various shades to paint my your and our world. Perhaps a utopian problematic spiral multi-factorial of generating chaos and disorder followed and fought the long, may the next three decades castrate all evil or that they will be required to pass the speed of light and we meet there because things are immutable or that do not vary much despite everything that goes on in our time, take the example of the North Star which in its fixed point gives its coordinates. I sometimes feel a vacuum type black hole where everything sinks and disappears maybe these powers are on us. .

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