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May 4, 2018

The figure Flee, ran but he grabbed me and pulled me , took me with him . Cursed figure that we do not see but that propagates . It is the figure of a recognizable experience fey appearance . Murmured the figure : you are afraid of a man with no face ! Yes - I said with some fear . Fear not because I only exist in the presence of light. I have already spoken of light and energy but never a man whose face appears unaware and voluptuously and run without running away to achieve your physique . The figure is a being of darkness that can not live without light. Strange are a shade that you hide in the darkness and silence . But surges of light and with that hat you display faceless , black . I ascend to heaven , magnify the distortion of your eyes and light metamorphic . Along the river skies as anyone River with an air of despondency Sultan and respond with the speed of the black skies and densifico me to the rain drop crystal clear and razor-sharp . But for a man with no face water pierces my body and my own major gabardine not soak . It is made of shadow . These imaginary figures have been recreated by me for the night silent , chase fleeing from darkness and light demand . I am a friendly shade of misfortune . All major harm is there . It is an apparition disappeared . The cry as a form of pleasure emerges lifelong soul blurred , The sense of protection to others and the terrible buzzing soul . What rises nor falls but always rises to the scam shit . What we really see is the rise and not fall off the cliff . In the heights of the waves , where green and blue lies fades . Surge red alert as the principles of others. The dark, gloomy, frivolous is not always present as it deepens the despair of a shriek and silent . In the words refers to the meeting of supernatural magic that involves passion. Off without a hitch , letter by letter builds a wall of words comes a literary inevitable fact ... where the writing flows and tears of contentment unbreakable whose being is not opposed , but as it is revitalized and emerges through a break Antarctic ice that repels own magic of being among beings and outlandish as it fades into blazing fire of desire to pronounce the long announced. He writes and translates in the outpouring of the soul machine creation. Among lines and sayings here's what the other one thinks and says. vertigo A beginning , a cliff , because time is not ephemeral . The parallel fall to a bad start , arrefeço . On tiptoe balance and give me a jump , dive. Do not frustrate me , jumped and imagined vertigo . Fast heart startled by something that I imagine traveling . At the front, I saw a second life to slip over the air . It was a free fall this fall hit the ground ... by shining on wet tarmac road breathe air background is icy ! The asphalt damp feel the fresh water that glows in the dark remember the bright sky and shimmering floor and was so strong that strongly impact this would destroy what was coming. The clock stopped and immortalized the moment of his thought . At top speed the wind came in tailspin and coiling itself turned and climbed , climbed , turned to the earlier time to no later call it so the rise of fall that fell skyrocketing . The pride I feel as I see other suffered and felt that someone who never saw the other skin of other sofrais hope it never rises the spirit of mutual help and gravel paths there are those who raise obstacles so proud born in I belief because the world came to fight till the end and watch over you and finally get to the bottom area and know each other and their world in the art of fencing fencing for inflicting blows everything happens for a feel of a hit by the tip of the sword the struggle of a suffering unintentionally , which transmits power to overcome and have shines forth being the winner and loser when falling , feel the pain but rises and falls due is a fighter who wins imagine the pain in the high the last act and it is envisaged the glory of the victor and vanquished all fighters deserve the desired victory. that morning It was a harrowing morning frivolous and tear not far from a cry that rambling made sense in the face moistened stale morning already had preceded the night had elapsed time arose a cry and said to watch out for the sun to come and evaporated tear that flowed with the clouds and the world said smiling


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