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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 30 But a problem never comes alone, I missed that, what happened in comes this reason, unfolded what he could not have unfolded, again a riga, but this time I would not get away, I would cut the poor and was That's what happened. I called a guy to my cell to take information because this person also did not like the way I am, and had sworn to the man who gave me the information, nuno crazy, a true warrior, he also enjoyed poor like me, had you sworn by my nephew, I would not do anything, he just wanted to know the name, insisted during a full day on the promise that nothing would do, we were almost at the closing hour of the cells, the individual called to my cell I asked him to reason he walk the talk of a thing that had not seen, he denied I knew I would never nuno crazy lie in such a situation, one of the men was always respected, because he was a true warrior, felt his anger me contradict and disprove the nuno. Assaulted him and was at the time the guard comes into my cell and sees the man lifeless on the ground, by punching him desferi, but the guard saw nothing, only saw the fallen man could not say anything without having seen, but this individual was a snitch, it is that would complicate my situation, but even then I knew I would not get away very well, because I had never chibado anyone, and they me, the direction, the leadership were willing to punish me by everything because I never shut up in claims that inmates were to complain about anything at all. I was always seen as such an incentive for these causes or forms of struggle and it was there they gave me five days of punishment, stick them in the cell, was a lighter punishment, I defended myself claiming that the individual had felt ill and fell and he told his version of what had really been beaten and this happens at a time that was almost to be enjoyed my 2/3. Would have a great chance to get out there being nothing to harm me, ie no disciplinary sanctions in the middle. But this time would even argue that, when innocence was heard for two thirds said the lady doctor who was innocent had not done any assault, which does not take this into account, I felt hurt by the situation, but I waited for the decision and the decision was a possibility I cut out the 2/3 passing directly only able to enjoy new appreciation, appreciation of my 5/6 of the sentence, ie, would the requirement in 5/6 because then the law favors, favor this case would anyway in 5/6, but it would cost almost 3 more years in prison, instead of leaving for the insistence of bringing an action to annul the decision of the judge to have Dr. reconsideration before the 5/6 for it would have to walk at least six months still. The punishment was given in March, was heard in May of the same year, for consideration of parole, had not yet come to a decision of the Court of 2/3, that's when my life could have been even more complicated, he felt I anguished, sad, but also knew they had passed the bulk of my conviction. It happened when another situation, this time with a guard, could be a situation that could have passed if not for the fact that the guard I have spoken in a rough and tough, not acatei his order, desferi punch him in face, he was alone with me, but another guard appeared, he joined the very fast and colleague joined me to attack me, he no longer desferi punch any more, they also quickly stopped with trying to attack me, just I was asked to go to the waiting room of the ward chiefs came to see me, to ask what had happened, I told them that nothing happened, only that it had not complied with the order, because as the guard was still bleeding from the mouth knew that it had been an assault was that way with a simple assault or a accidental situation and that's what I told them, had no reason to attack the guard, and even talked with him, also told them that he had been an accident and it was for that matter which I always pleaded. They put me on hold closed the investigation, called the security section of the valley of Jews, called for admission. But he was willing to go along with my thesis that really was an accident, could not admit that it was an involuntary act, would have lost. So I had to rely on the sense that they wanted to take this argument forward, there had to be a contradiction between the guards. The guard was assaulted milk, but he never actually wrote that I assaulted him, who made participation was the other guard, who had taken a guy who was there to protect, he had gone to the infirmary also is routine, being a prisoner in protection, must be accompanied by guards, actually I know he saw what I did, for he saw it all, then it was he who made me participation to be punished with a disciplinary action that led me to court also . But on the day I heard the prosecutor, I got to know that a process has been initiated for an alleged assault on guard milk, but who accompanied me that day was the guard olive, this saves me the story, it was a friendship that created inside the jail, attended a course in office applications on the IT side, had a monitor called lina, I fell in love with her unintentionally and this guard, the olive tree, also liked her and took her to court. He knew I liked her and she liked me, so there began the loop, won me friendship, could have spoken ill of me in order to want to be with her, started talking to me again, and he heard the my statements in the public ministry, and he wrote down everything I said, I kept the thesis that it was an accident because I never would have imagined that this would help me guard, got to like me after that was stop monsanto , a chain that was remodeled from a common chain for a chain of high security, it was there in May 2007 that the chain was opened, however went to Monsanto for having to wait for the proceedings, a chain complex was made to house terrorists , more violent crimes, criminal organizations, we are always watched constantly because we live in a more severe regimen, ie, the first prisoners were all handcuffed to leave the cell, only had an hour's recreation per day. But I just went there in May 2008, also took to this scheme to be long closed in the cell, but I have not got the handcuffs already got a system that is not open, but we had other occupations, we had football, handball and gym, we could use the library too, but it was weaved, was not all on the same day. Respond and went back to defend the same thesis, but when I left the van to drive me to the courtroom, I see that the guard milk, the victim was accompanied by olive guard and was far from imagining that it would have a surprise beautiful when I started hear testimony guard milk, heard the argument that I had advocated when I asked the prosecutor and that was when I felt that I had helped guard olive. The court also claimed that they were not convinced that it really was an accident, but it did what it was required, and there is no evidence to the contrary, no one can be convicted. Was acquitted and my lawyer was excellent too, as had been awaiting trial in jail of high safety monsanto, made me a review, I lacked exactly two months to go free and transferred me to the ip From Alcoentre, had there last in this chain, had a transfer that was following several claims that I had made the chain is a chain of open regime prison colony called, the missing me two months they sent me back to there, out to the street, got out. As my great desire was to be a chain of open system because it took me a year and a half monsanto and more occupations that we have there is a very closed system. Difficult to overcome, even though I already had extensive experience within these homes and prisons was right there in monsanto I quit heroin, it was impossible to go in there because it came genres drug food or anything that was outside, the visit had a glass that does not allowed physical contact, but always told me of all the evil that had happened to me a benefit quit heroin....

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