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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 29 - True Story I knew that there were many bastards and life experience had been different, some children had been good and other people were children of poor people, as all this want to confirm the presence of all that society has to offer, let walk identical situations with nothing to do, each needs welfare, live in a society where everyone wants good, yet it is the beauty of seeing the next, proximity, and if you come by, I welcome you, if you come for evil , will receive you and bring forth evil with everything, my whole being evil, but I also know that I have to walk, can not be so hard, they are more than s mothers, I also had to respect, deployed a rule for everyone is well, knowing that crime persists and the need is great, let me take the events, I became the so called drug addict, who all despise, but had value and was recognized, nobody, nobody would disrespect me, regardless of weakness he felt at the time. They all cheered and respected me, wanted more from me, would have to be the example, would have to be kinder, more gentle and affectionate. I paid the price for not showing them what they wanted to see me, I was hard, I was rude, I was all in favor of my decision, could have won more, it could even benefit more at all, like me, came to me to count up their dreams, but I became the beast and wanted to be. It was by virtue of living situation, the confinement, isolation, had women was also overwhelmed with all platonic love, loved them, love them. It was all a matter of living in the moment, had great passion and loving platonic also to the point of contact, but I always avoided ruin someone's life for me to get the beautiful pleasure, I did not need it, I was stuck, do not would ruin anyone's life if not spoil my. Continued love, I continued to love and be just knew, were all belonged to my love because they loved me sincerely respected me, I is not lived well, was arrested, I knew I had to fight to win everything I had lost the freedom, but it was there that I learned to stop, directions, assistants, teachers, guards wanted me to tame, would have understood, but I also had to stop, stop all the stealing, the consumption, the disgrace the life of another, but I was always good, never mistreated, never spanked anyone if he had reason to do so and even if I had I would be hard to do, for humanity itself, always took into account the moral, values of each scene, because I am also be, but they knew they were going to have the biggest beast ever found, but it was all set for me, because I wanted it, I let them in expectation, the fear they see to lose. It was all business hours, was an expedient to raise, consume and dominate, soon realized that, even before entering the jail, were difficult hours, days that never passed, years that I had to meet, because he had mastered control the situation was coming next, I came to play, but the joke was I doing man. Because the monkey to play, to play the cunt was the monkey mother, I was dying in a game, because I knew master. Was in the exercise of the day, I train a lot and proposed him to come train with me, was a weak figure, was just for fun, squeezed his neck, he lost consciousness, but at that moment I felt a tightness in me not wanted to do, as was to be shown, played, looked at it I got up and he walked with me, I told him it was okay, there was no response at odds, but when I looked I got the feeling that he really had past something, he lost consciousness. Was an excess of confidence, did not know my strength and there began a hell that had already had, I got up and looked at him and said: - Are you okay? You left me worried. When I showed him compassion for the moment, not meant to hurt, I looked it wanted to appease all evil, he had misunderstood the workout was exaggerated on my part, he ended up killing themselves, it was all in the hopes of one day Valley Jews. I was hoping that in the valley of Jews would live, was a simple fun for me, ie, it was a workout which I was not prepared, my strength was at its height, dominated, because I knew dominate, but as in life has its price, I paid a high price for too much man inside the jail, stick to 5/6 of the sentence, ie, any inmate since a sentence of more than six years can enjoy the 5/6, is a law. But we have the means of punishment, a 2/3 and then follows the 5/6. I left at 5/6 program was all done for the sake of my biography on life of seclusion, enclosed, dealt with good people, people with whom I dealt were part of the leadership, people until I could love if they wanted to, since after tobacco and hence has not felt one immense hatred for these people. They were people who told me nothing, only the head by the tasks they played. There was a deputy I was dear, was the first woman to have a challenge of mine, been loyal, but then thought it was wrong that I refused the first Probation in 10 years imprisonment. She does not appreciate me and demanded my consumption test the drugs, but it was too astute to realize that it would stay there, I was granted probation after a request I made to Dr. Judge. She gave me four days of probation, on condition of being heard by the head, and they ordered up, Doc judge granted him four days of probation, extended on condition of doing drug screening test, ie the maneuver, they always knew, and I also often underestimated, but always respected him because he deserved my respect. They were beings who played his best role, but it happened, the test was given positive to opiates, ie heroin, cannabis, hashish consumption, but I played in my favor when the methyl application, claimed to everything that had to plead as was consumer had to request a medication my doctor ana f. because it was under or over a heated discussion that you sought help for everything that she had helped me, I asked him the drug, called Tramal was the moment when I felt I had an ally Dr. ana f. Or Tramal Opioid accused in the circumstances of the routines, this was the situation in which it would clean. Accused had opiates in drug screening test, that's when conjuguei 2 +2, ie cleared of drug screening by my doctor, she helped me, passed the document to the question statement, the screening of drugs as I appealed the decision had been made, it was my right to appeal, and applica resorted to the highest instance court judge Dr. execution of sentences, is the highest for the inmates are sent free, with the benefit of enjoying the middle of the pen 2/3, was generated around a battle, physically assaulting a prison guard, was not because I wanted to, he sought my fame was great a fullness in prison, respected, but also built this respect, respect , while respecting knew he could not play against the system. The system prevails because you have to be social, everything we could want, well-being, decisions were different, I had everything, everything in my power to make use of the means of achieving worth 2/3, as My fame was wide among the guards, and in the middle of the companions, there were guards who also wanted to challenge myself and everything psychologically, physically and everything else you can think of, because I knew what could happen in those instances that had to follow, are called auditions for mid-Pen 2/3 and 5/6 Also, the application was based on the cleanliness of my report addressing the issue of screening for cannabis, this application judge told the doctor that the analyzes had accused Chamon or hashish, but as I am a social being, never lived in protections within the chain, ie I had to relate to the rest of the prison population and the doctor told a judge that I did not consume anything at the time, only resulted in the hash, so it was logical if I followed with people who drank and we lived in a closed space, it was usual to accuse hashish because I breathed the air. I postponed the decision of Probation, as it was at the time of christmas, judge and doctor would go out two weeks, or vacation home, but she gave me the reason and gave me the precarious almost two months and middle, was a long time of distress because of poor ambition out, because I was in many years, ten years. But put up and overtook me well until the day you leave precarious, gave me four days out of precarious prolonged, by which it was accomplished successfully. But it would be a harder issue for me, it would have to be more respectful and not get in trouble, but as soon as I entered, and within two months after having enjoyed the precarious, I wish someone would make life and it happened. I became involved in a fight in which the boy was a bit ill treated, but he was lucky to be an individual, to be an individual repertoire of man, were closed in the cells, the order of the survey, we heard about this, I sent you a paper to apologize for what he did not entalasse, there was no need for it. We listened, we heard the head, was the German Shepherd, his nickname at first he did not want to hear the boy, because he said it could not be, could not have been a joke, because he had tried to give me with a knife. Then there could accept the version of the boy and called me and I told him the same version that was a workout, a game that could have ended badly, he did not accept very well the version I had told , ie, how he was a guard beat, had many years of service and deal with "casdatrolas", ie, is the name given to those who already have many years in jail, nothing happened to me, nor me nor the boy , took us from the punishment. Continued a normal life, I began to avoid further problems, could enjoy more precarious four exits successfully, and then appeared again in March 2007, missing me 11 days to be able to enjoy another Probation at the entrance of April I had fooled with an individual drug, ie, gave him sand instead of the real stuff, he came to the charge, I could not harm but this time would be sanctioned, had been warned, I limited myself to defend and Things got there....

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