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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 28 - True Story It was at that time that had already passed the stage Marcao was then that I began to want more reason, had to take a decision at the level of partner, and the direction, but I knew that in the middle intruded surveillance which was composed by guards and supervisors, got, got to get to intrude and another being, but it was no more than a being like me, it is sometimes a matter of opportunity, I searched, I try and try to have the soul of the Lusitanian'm descending breed Lusitanian breed mad already commanded the world, it is obvious there is heredity. Sometimes we do the question, why we exist, who we are, where we live, are issues that bring doubt to live, but we know we have to win, it was all so programmed to be, I went on my way prison later after the fight Marcao followed the appearance of the group that made up surveillance services called prison guards, got good guys, I got everything, but honestly they also just wanted to live, never wanted to hurt me and I wanted to ignore, there is early not learned that you can not always win, was an inhospitable place, a place where life was worthless, had no interest in valuing the true sense of the man than the serve. Serve, serve all he had to serve, I was obedient, knew the political power in social power, the repressive power there is always something we have to learn to forgive. I could have been hailed a hero for them, return to the valley of Jews to be expelled from the course, the return of Jews valley, flax found the same heads as they were not what I wanted to find, I rebelled against all odds for all that had happened, it was done well, lived with everything I could have to do to have to survive all that could face because the enemies were powerful machines were consuming everything were dubbed piranhas, ie he had to survive everything, there was the diplomatic part, the establishment of relations, ie, we have an educator, have an assistant, a psychologist, a doctor and a lawyer, which is in the valley that there is nothing really to say. Just live the moment the circumstance of the moment, are mere humans who satisfy their pleasure and I love, platonic love that intrude in the middle of being, in this case a man had already had all the pleasures of life, loved one Woman remains in my mind in my soul in my life, it was an intense passion, more lasting relationships that may exist, which are prolonged. Loving, fun, loving being is the need to love being at will to survive. The report is right to the last circumstance is, as everybody knew me, they wanted to put me to the test, faced everything had to be able to face, since the worst nightmares, we learned before bedtime, are stories of father and mother, so we can live in harmony and well-being in order to prevail the welfare and power we preserve the gifts of heredity of early being, all while being absorbed by the size, the vastness is overwhelming if we talk of marriage, equality rights to be. We have all been charged with a mission, she persists, continue to grow, continue to watch it grow, with vigor, precision of the moments of action, for that I have to have accuracy. It is with forgiveness, life continued as it had to continue and got honest people, true, everything was great, got us capable of anything, were determined to all, because I had the sense of living as they had, but they wanted to be smarter , overtook them at all, I was able to combine their cleverness to me by my wisdom, were shrewd, but always wanted to be more than I, but I conjuguei their cleverness, learned to play, I played also with the knowledge of them with my . Continued living in seclusion, enclosed was a hard time for more beauty that I could see, no compassion that I had to have, you know that the path was a leave. I never wanted to hurt anyone, just wanted to let me live, then left for the battle that was constant, they were all strong, all beings were, but I wanted to know that, nor had anything to do with the rest of the story that will spending. Was hard for my teammates, for all of them, not just picked anyone wanted to maintain the hierarchy of prison and kept all obey me if I so wanted, but I also let them live was in my way, I drug for smoking and they could walk well, whom I was crying for me to stop because the road was angry a hard way to do inside the prison, had no choice, it was no escape, win or die. It was all done by the conviction that I took, I managed despite all this, find the hard way, I knew I could leave in the middle of the sentence, would know that it could also leave at the end of the sentence, all reversed, ie, do not bother, because it was good, had the chain under my command, were all my teammates, that's when I raged over the meaning of being, knew he had allies. Continue on the path of evil, was interpreted as such, I thought I was the lion, but he was addicted to heroin, a hard thing to do, to consume. I went into the fight, the fight that there is no equal, I faced: judges and teachers and assistants, head guards, sometimes benefited them, but there were not many, but not enough to say he was right, for the follow-up question brought me a problem, the biggest problem of all being, am or am not, want or do not want, or whatever we can aspire, was a continuation of everything I had learned, better yet, had lived a situation after the separation from my father and my mother. My father was in the military, my mother was not working at the time, then came to work cleaning the crab curry and still works there. Loved my mother, I have not learned to live with my dad, or have lived, but I was always in doubt because he had good character, ie the character was fickle, played roles in the military was Portuguese state, I craved more, ie more than what he built. However it has come heredity, better explaining the habituation to be small, we always have in mind that whoever gives us, is what all the philosophers said, the approach to parental example, because the example given to us when we are born is that example to follow for whoever gets us to the world, in this case will be a global event, with father and mother, was the completion of the work I grow up. I became what I am, one to be humble, peaceful living know that I am considered a kind, one that walks and has to feed, I became the true beast, never faced jail the same way, I became the perfect killer of all situations because he was to live, and they knew I was willing to kill to live, as always chose the real kind, the one that dominates all situations, I swore to myself I would not hurt them if they do not did poorly. Continued, enraged, always attentive to all movements or reactions, be they who they were, the overall level of companions direction at all that encompasses the whole being in the world of justice, for it all paid a hard price to pay for all this was all put in my event, everybody knew me and I also knew all, was the perfection of the game, was the union, the union of those who live and is in daily contact with the population, regardless of the situation, as Tiger knew it was not forgiving, they feared me actually were respectful to me, there was nothing to do, we are talking about a prison, we are talking about a lot, includes a value that is hard to earn, freedom, unless you do not have to go through the most difficult situations of life viciações, habituations that can bring exaggeration when we talk of consumerism, consumerist somo beings as such became the beast autointitulei me invincible lion, fought beasts equal to me with wisdom even harder, but I could not forgive....

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