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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 27 - True Story Began a minimum punishment in the cell housing, was a punishment, it was not hard, was considered a punishment very normal rhythm sociable within the chain, but for me it has become a nightmare, did not accept this punishment. The director john g. He went to my cell to talk to me, to help me, did not accept such help, distrusted the belief that he had, because he was right, he demanded in return a collaboration directly what he wanted to know, I was not willing to do that because it was never for me to collaborate on these services, but it was proof of how he was a good man. This punishment, the worst came, had taken two psychotropics, to my window were: hunter, Chibanga and piranha, was the hunter who gave me the two psychotropics, passed a graduate service, was the man who had taken me to be in the punishment cell, sampaio was his name. As the effect of psychotropic drugs was still in me, infuriated me see sampaio pass in front of my cell, left the entire cell, got fire to the mattress, left, when the guards were helping me, I ran, I went to the yard, caught a stick and two stones and had written on his right arm, revenge, desire cruel. That day, he was willing to kill the guards or whoever it was that got in my way, but they were smart as ever, came to me, they had no other way out, because they knew I was enraged and had an entire wing to defend myself if I so proclaim, but I was not in my account, did not know how to fight without reason, after a few hours I took the redemption, that is, the period when the negotiations ended and I did not perform very accepted that they gave me 20 days disciplinary cell, ie lame because it was there that I met alfredo m., psp, former goe, trickster was parochial, took the state to exercise functions as such, due to start in Mafia, was a hard man as had been boxing champion heavy medium, knew it well, and it was there that, when I fell in a disciplinary cell, had an episode that did not want and that it could have taken his life because had a history with blacks who had come to meet disciplinary sanctions, it was a mad time, I already knew what was going on about the successful and had said aloud that I would not papar such number being beaten by him, because the direction was doubtful, the mob was made of all blacks who fell in punishment and had committed or taken some punishment due to disregarding the guards or services, employees or direction, would pay through alfredo m., he had been ex psp-, ex-cop, and I knew many of them knew him as such, but to proclaim aloud and talk directly with the marine, gave me the cane fell in punishment, I knew alfredo m. Would have me, but that's where I was wrong. They tried to kill me as I headed to the spa for bathing, failed with him were two more cops to protect you got nothing on me. It was at that time that showed the will of my reason for living, had been inculcated by a matter of being parochial, because I had lived in the neighborhood. Sooner lost my father, I became adult earlier this came to pass that after I took in life, there is transcendence is living is the future, it falls on the way of life of creation and when it is hard, we are forced to have an education more severe, early demonstrably behind what nobody wants to wish....

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