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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 26 - True Story It was an event that was not very nice, but the time has come, but also had a registration procedure and had already served several punishments, I started having problems, I started to be chased by a guy moniker Marcão, he found himself caught for murdering his brother, and how I needed to smoke every day started to bill and was one of those collections that appeared Marcão not want to let me take the money, thought the right was there as more years than I rode my bar that is wanted to avoid me not to take money from the collection, as it had also money to get there. We had an exchange of words in which he showed physical power, but nothing happened I went out with me om money, just that it was the principle of making an enemy, I got to do a football game in which game was in a volume of tobacco for the team that won, he played on the opposing team I found myself playing with the group that had been flax, mine was composed by toni gull, the jorge, the zé tó and louis and athletes and we knew we were playing, even if we wanted to win for that we were to underestimate the opponent and that's what happened, we lost, we lost the game because I was the head of the bet, had engaged my television in greed of earning a volume, it had committed to Ramon, the gypsy, had long record was beaten a man in the middle, as he did not want to lose said she did not pay, they chatearam up to me and demanded all the volume of tobacco, but became silent, then that was just tagging continued to say I wanted the volume and accepted because there was no reason had been combined from the game, was an athlete, always fighting for the right and to avoid problems when so had to avoid. Continued, but this guy always continued with trying to provoke me, there is a day that I was to go to the carpentry course, was why I had gone there to Valley Jews, that day the inevitable happened, the guard I was open the cell, it was rare that I get in the cell, but was frustrated that day, had not smoked enough drugs going out the gradation to descend to the course and I will pass it asks me Marcao gave me a shove it was as frustrated and as there had been previous, provocative matter to me, I did not hesitate desferi a punch and he reacted, but had no chance had already studied, was a fighter, but was desperate to provoke what happened, was sensational, ie not fulfilling any punishment because he was there that day the head of the ward, Eduardo, was his name, a man about six feet tall, physically strong, was an honest man, he was a righteous man and left the things like that. Kept in the course always attentive to any vested by him, because I was aware he had taken some time to tease me and as such, precavi me, that we all have instinct, common sense dubbed women's sixth sense, but men also have it. The sixth sense is the unexpected, is knowing how to play and learn and be respected, nothing happened after that, I tried to follow the lead, but could not because my core was strong, was assured by hugo rasta, one of the most respected men in time I lived in seclusion, not only considered the first because the first I; everything he learned, the courage he showed, I had already had the bravery and I had already passed, absorbed, absorbed the courage to know that there was a warrior, loyal man, a poet, a man who enjoyed poetry, but even that I was better than him. I'd like to hear, I composed several verses, one of them dedicated to him, I was the best, was the charismatic figure of the times in which he ran, was shrewd, was strong, was uninhabited, got revenge in the middle, where she lived with the rest of prison population, caught many, but it was all peaceful people, people working, but I do not. When I left for work and took the course, I became what I do not want to make the lion of darkness, went back to linen, that's when things progressed for me it was back home where I had been and had mastered there was confirmation of my being, the rebirth of the domain that I already had in the house, because he had kept the respect, it was hard to crack so I decided to look for easier ways to survive the difficult that I found. It is a chain of central Lisbon, housed all kinds, motherfuckers that exist in life, each embarked on the crime by coincidence, others donned the crime for awareness, there always good factor, well, not fear nothing but me even as it had done everything from being the good friend, the protector, the conciliator, who understood all situations, which were bitter, which were said by those who desabafavam me, for I felt great compassion, had taken the sense of unity and would not go in disappointment. I went on my way to get a conditional, but there was still time to take advantage of the conditional, I made a decision not to do anything that will harm me, but I will work for freedom, has become complicated because all faced a command and structured by the direction, but I could have won it all with this direction. At the time did not accept that the reason for this direction was taken to be so hard, was an authoritarian regime, as it was not to accept this regime, intended to get rid of the chain faster, but it became even more difficult, but let it for later readers so that they can understand a whole journey that I never tire of repeating, hard to crack, well it was at the time of transition t manuel.; director that I had found, was replaced by john g. The man who had come from Macau, a former Inspector of Judicial, a man who had lived an attack by the mob which was established in Macau, dubbed 24 karat, some guards were killed on the job because it belonged the Portuguese administration, then why send reinforcements public to serve the nation. He suffered the attack escaped, but his bodyguard was killed, rose, came to the administration of linen, straight man, he liked me when he saw me, told me to tell you that he had confidence in me, but I did not care because he had notion of transformation of being, considered myself the scorpion king, who has poison in the blood, and not called him for not calling, I lost....

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