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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 25 - True Story On this night before the next morning, we talked through the window, as I heard the noise asked: - Who's there? Had heard the noise happened, he told me: - Hugo am, here I am tad bit more. Was the form of the sanction, the fact that they had committed the same day they were transferred to the ward b, was routine it was then that he told me when they open the doors in this case the cells come with me to the ward, but said me to keep quiet, but I thought, it was the hugo, was the star, was the man of the moment, was addicted to heroin traffickers required to provide it without drug money was a must, so he demanded a rebellious boy in a huge way, that's when the assault happened, I left the door open did not go out, but I knew he would, he knew he had some coals on the wing, also slang word ember, which can be understood as in the jargon of crime an event routine who walks in the rain wets herself. After leaving the cell, did my normal routine of taking breakfast, then go train, go to school, go to classes that morning's breakfast, not strange to see them because my routine was this was to seek Also, I was hooked, but still was not really addicted, but had already made a few rounds and had already extorted some money during the morning came to tell me, the guys who were also consumers were called piranhas, sought a way of life more honest, but always misleading because addiction also led to this, the Hugo was for the pavilion security with tiny bit, but the other appeared billy ball, Angolan lived in chelas never had good "feeling" with it because you have given a tracksuit trousers, the neighborhood Emílio high and he wanted to steal Emílio, he knew that his pants were mine I had already triggered several times, but I never called, never gave importance they had a big fight the Emílio neighborhood High grown even there in the neighborhood was loud raunchy, were the same creation and he wanted to defend what was my want, wanted to defend the honor of being parochial terms of a bond childhood, then followed by several others, the prophet, also the neighborhood and it was there that gave big fight: the billy ball was robust weighed about 90 kg., Emilio was a boy dry, as was typical African slimmer defended the honor, faced the situation, the ball zé wanted send the 3rd floor was where the discussion took place, it was not easy, but he knew he had the cunning to live and have to survive the issue. After the billy ball has taken the pants tracksuit and be with them in hand, discussed, and I knew that Emílio would win, but I never thought it would end up like the billy ball wanted to send him the 3rd floor, grabbed him in the legs, Emílio did what you have learned in the last case, I who have to save me, grabbed his neck forced to break, or at the time that grabs your neck not large, it had a railing faces or entering the cells, as whatever and did not offer great security, this case has become unpredictable, since the first moment I thought they were going to fall, ie predicted the anticipation of action, but then I thought and still had a few seconds after having seen and planned and thought that it would not happen, but it happened, the Emílio grabbed his neck and would not let go more, and with the strength that the ball did billy, he has combined two forces monumental not escape when it's right, it was always that our education, fell from the 3rd floor even thought the damage was greater, even thought some of them could die in that situation, but fortunately were saved, the force of reason always wins I think that's life, I flee from the topic a bit, in order to explain the whole route that was made within this context that we will always meeting people, let's keep the contacts is because they help us talk to discuss all situations is enjoyable if seen and done this way, we may even have a life linked to addiction, but we feel good because we are dependent on the drug, but people who are discussing topics from many different topics from the most banal theme, from the most simple as football until more scientific, read enough to be able to discuss later, has always been our strong reading, now more and left behind here just wanted to show why I say I never had good "feeling" with billy ball, billy the ball broke his arm when Emílio not happened to him nothing was unharmed but was sleeping at the hospital that day for prevention. The billy ball was still about 3 weeks in the hospital prison, they put you in the platinum arm was greater illness he had, honestly I was glad to see they got away, I forgave you the action, but I know it was always with a grudge me, but ready, I understood the situation, let him walk. That was the day in the morning, would be maybe a 11 in the morning that also billy ball had gone into the pavilion security, I knew hugo walked with him, had seen him a few times in the pavilion were led to safety penalty more rigid means prison is called lame, is isolation, do not have to have anything of his cell unless the basic things, teres a towel, some sheets teres, teres a book to read, you can not have lighters and cell're closed 23 hours a day, it is always hard to overcome but end up getting used by us to these sanctions, because we have passed this before, being in punishment, the punishment being to live in that situation, but did not like to live that way, we knew whoever walks in the rain wets herself. All this was bad and we had completed the punishment and things would get there, but not the assault on hugo stabbed twice in the stomach the dauphin, treated the bad man, to steal little, few grams of heroin and about 30 stories, would be about 10 grams, a man who would pay the price of his nickname dauphin, the paws, paws because he was arrested for assault on the convoy, did a dead, was much talked about and known at the time, an assault top, because it involved a lot of money, it was an exorbitant amount at the time were the trains carrying money between banks lisbon sintra. The robbery happened right there outside the train lisbon sintra and there was a dead man, but never managed to prove that it was he who committed the crime of murder, never able to prove he was the true mastermind of the murder, but was convicted and over prison took his journey with several raids came and picked him drugs, he did not give drugs to anyone earning, ie he sold, he kept the drug itself, he arranged safes inside the cell, only one they could chibadela there come, but this is for now. As he had the nickname of the paws, he was given this nickname by not spinning anything to anyone, do not give anyone, he knows that a hand can wash the other, or he could give the win could help when people asked him for help and hugo was a young rebel, was seized. There followed a sequence after these events, dauphin was transferred to coimbatore, iota worth of Jews, however I too, were in 1998 more specifically June 27th, I had already separated from hugo he was in another cell, there were factors that led to do so, others who sought his own companions were piranhas, because everyday stole about 30-40 grams for smoking and consuming, attracted the crowd because they are always oriented, is called the sequence of drug addiction and was that time when he left the lame, we decided that we would stay in the same cell, but these bitches always spoke ill of me, because to them I was more a stumbling, had taken them leeway because they knew I was the real piranha, attracted friends knew because I give the conviviality. Knew me give the living context of the situation and it was these such people who lived with me in the circumstance of the moment, said bad things about me, talked bad about me, everything in order to get benefit of what pissed arranged, wanted the attention to and they wanted to have the spotlight on them so they could be they are right, that is, having always taken a hangover, I did not bother with it knew what life was like everyone wants to be well and be grateful for your income by benefit own, but they were always the ones I ever needed, they also needed me, we become a united force, ie, if they wanted to be assured some would assault our help, but it would also have to pay and it was time I was moved to take a course in the valley of the Jews, had two or three months when the course was transferred to hugo rasta Valley Jews arrived I received him as a brother, for the friendship that has remained with him, there are four wards in Valley Jewish wards a, b, c, d, I found myself in d, was in the ward with the dauphin had already been transferred to coimbatore Valley Jews and that's when I told hugo if wanted to stay in my cell, he wanted, only that there was another issue that he was afraid because he had tried to kill the dauphin linen, besides giving him two stabs wanted to send the man on the 3rd floor down here, and his cousin, bento, prevented do so, but he would not stay with me in my cell, not because they wanted to, but feared the vengeance of the dauphin, had already done several things in jail, had respect, he was a man who was easily avenged known as such, but I I told him forget this man will not avenge you, no one will take revenge, had a good relationship with the dauphin told him several times that he did not like what he had done and told I had forgotten. I was taking the course, and these transfers came from a mareação happened in Linen hugo rasta and cadets were accused in a murder case that happened in linen. We were very young we had come flax could mention all their names, but I will not mention the name only some, iota, the jonhson, the real football player, represented all selections of jail where he was or had passed, toni Seagull, had been transferred by also having made several assaults on flax traffickers, was also zé tó, this I had lived long enough with him, was not arrested, lived with him under the same roof with umasraparigas, I had chavalas my he had his. But the curiosity of this story was reversed for me, walked with a girl who ate horse and she prostituted themselves also, incidentally were both prostitutes, not like living dependent on a woman, but I liked it to the point of living with her. I only consumed cocaine at the time, did not accept her fine heroin and cocaine, but kept the relationship, liked her and billy tó and ana were also addicts and curious in this story is that I always said to him zé tó leave the horse, always said he would not use heroin later came me to indulge in the chain and in that time I was in the valley of the Jews, there were the rasta, the iota lived up good times, there was great abundance of material on the market, or words, there were a lot of drugs and worth of Jews is a respected chain, through which many men sentenced to maximum and has always had a reputation for being a dangerous chain, always existed and homicide happened there, so it was a chain with a heavy fame . How much material was in the market selling all wanted to be provided with more material, there begins the dispute between the dauphin and the real Pinocchio found himself arrested for international drug trafficking, was the ringleader and how the man had already in a register chains from north to south of Portugal, and it was there that he began again did not want to see or know. The Pinocchio paid to hugo a large amount of drug to beat the dauphin, he entered it violently assaulted man in the dressing room, all for the sake of envy, the dauphin was selling larger packages and theirs were weaker, which is why the Pinocchio paid to beat the dauphin....

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