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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 24 - True Story Honestly, I gained about man, was man was boss, set an example, as the institutions that represent the forces of repression, should be well controlled at all, so everyone feel good. For me it was the head more human than met, stick punishment as would be logical, would have to pay for the act itself, but also won their respect, they let you peek into life directly, to have to survive, even within the chain we live, called it the place inhospitable to be identical by the sentence itself, to a place where there is nothing, we are just living to live, but we have to believe, had heard the murder ensued several mareações, this is the slang word to use in crime, ie murder means exactly, so I had committed some situations that could fall ill in prison, along with hugo rasta, rasta's nickname, filed 16 years within the chain , lived in the neighborhood of the Hungarians, I met him at a time when a punishment fulfilled the pavilion security, I saw a young man already had a few years of flax, and caught a contact it gives me a cigarette, but I left it in the see because we were muitashorasfechados, foiumconhecimentode circumstance, it was a moment as well had seen him there, he was there in b wing, the wing considered murder, he was on the ward, a ward calm, housed inmates who worked and wanted be calm in jail, but there were consumers, dealers and had one that was still stuck to the name dolphin is, I explain his story, he came to me, quickly saw that first time I met him, was shrewd , Chavalo good, but he had led a wild child too, by the way the parents did, dating back to Cape Verde, seek me a better life, the historical ties that exist in knowledge and as such had seen the hardness having lived not led a life that was very easy, had to live in the neighborhood of the Hungarians, a neighborhood with people mostly coming from Cape Verde, the construction of the houses were not very good, but they offer the minimum of not sleeping on the street, have a roof, no misery to be had education, the houses were kept clean and had one maid of one who had a real education, but there is, there was social inequality, had to work hard and these people are good people, liked pamper the children, but had no time for them, they had to work to get an honest living, wellness, and is proper clearance can sometimes cause a crash, children begin to grow, spend time away from parents the attorney legitimate when it would be great to have an independence, have a self-sufficiency, to seek that which was good, but fell into drugs, was equal to a contact that I had while serving punishment, but then let go, how I lost visual contact and how there was, had time to be more direct contact, did not remember him, but he came to me was the ward be made much sport and he passes me and said if I wanted to play the cards, the game bisca typically Cape Verdean, and won him friendship there, but came to linger much longer, lasts until today, but this time he has also consumed heroin, and that's when I remembered that already had seen the steward, made up business there dark, the black market where everything is all right, since no harm to anyone, it was a time that I realized just angry at first that the boy was shrewd, had soul, its appearance had a rasta big, wild, but treated well, that was the image of the first moment when I saw it, and realized it was a boy in the eyes of society, was seen as such, the outlaw, the man who lives at margins of society, but we all like to have a well-being ensured so that we can ensure we can to guard our welfare, human equality which is worthy to say that we all live with all that we create, but we also know that the well goes hand in hand with evil actions that brings with it bring the hard way to live, he had been transferred from ward to ward along b, was in the cell next to mine, he was the iota in the cell, the other Cape Verdean angry too was already in the cell for some time, after knowing it, knew he was in a cell for some time now, would have different stories later recount the history of iota that morning after the night of the transfer iota returned to the ward, had made an agreement with the direction, collaborating getting into the other at the head of the bull, another expression is also used in slang to mean leave the other hanging for him save himself, was not evil was seen in the middle and got along well, but Hugo was ward b that night we talked through the window Pudemo contact us so we were very close, and I heard a lot of noise in the cell, called my attention, within the chain have to have the perception of danger is this that makes us live and that helps us win, brings us to the soul of wanting to be the soul that we all like to embody a strong soul full courage and skill and cunning....

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