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May 4, 2018

to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 22 - True Story Isabel was the name of the director of the school in which I had a healthy respect and pleasant always accompanied me, helped me always, but would later become a rage in me, but always respected. And all this was due to the strong pressure that was being exerted by the administrative system of the director whose name was john g. The man who had come from overseas, got away when they tried to kill him, his story is known, had several years in charge of the administration of flax until after my transfer, I knew him well until he was a man who could talk , communicator was interested in the subject, I barely played perhaps the fault of the deputies, I was well-regarded in the professional cycle, the level of companionship all respected me and this director wanted the height of his career, that is, I'm here to master, I'm here to win whatever the cost, I'll be fine because that was his aim, among other things I could say more. One of the causes he championed was more drug trafficking, he enjoyed helping addicts, but required a currency exchange, playing with the law, had a power supple for considering applying precarious and conditional outputs and outputs open regime, was not a bad guy, just who comes out to his not degenerates and I chose the hard way that nobody likes the way to follow, but I chose to follow, follow the path I was meant when speaking at destination by times we hit, not walk very far from reality, had many dreams when I was a kid and dreams were made a nightmare, a passage in the desert had predicted, had seen my future, but I was all portrayed in a dream, I came to have monitoring by the witches who were nicknamed such, passed me the dreams because they had to pass, women's power was great, it helped me, but curiosity awakens following my arrest, I had great contest with my brother and wanted be better than him, a healthy competition and he wanted to be just like me. At that time, we used to go hunting against water snakes to aim, we would play snooker sometimes faced tough opponents, but when we won, I knew he was good, today is Army lieutenant. My father managed the more direct support that I could give, gave them helped him in training, because all this because there is a separação.estamos in the middle of my entry flax, was angry, just inside the guards wanted- I know the background, it was a normal input if we talk about the environment they lived there was a demand environment, both guards and prisoners wanted to win, there existed a good director, manuel, but it was corrupt, but did not harm anyone limited to winning and doing his job and also helped for three years I was under the purview of this director from 1996 to 1999, he was removed from the post of director, but became president of the parish council, but never could rid of what had taken him out of linen, was a good man, wanted the well-being of all while not harmed anyone had need to do works in ward b considered wing killer was dubbed wing assassin, for all the infrastructure up and receive a visit in the parlor falling water was the result of lack of scale of infrastructure had to be open umbrella, for he lived in a corrupt way to the point of Director to accept a proposal underpinned by money that could explore the general direction of the prison service, got away well, the proposal was based on the arrangement of the training field, ie, the football field was muddy dirt, bué era of heavy his nickname also you could call esguiça but also knew walking was good, knew how to manipulate the system if there was no corruption brought to seize the moment, went to the middle of the penalty of a sentence of 16 years, eight fulfilled the trust secret but this would not end in the best way because there were those who were harmed as well would have to be part of the system, the system is set up so there must be a justification, and with it went one more year was the third year that I was in Linhó came the real dilemma of corruption drug sales authorized by the head direction, maneuvering everything using the inmate, their trust was powerful a drug dealer who had sprawled on the living selling drugs his name louis towers, even made a child within the chain, there was a proposal to make the company skip and fill the bags paid crux, I came to be invited to work there, did not accept the fact that men who were to perform this function to authorize payment for drugs and they got the money that was soon transferred electronically, that's when the real problem occurred manuel t. Director so far, not had much to do, there was a judicial inquiry, there was deliberate transfers ie we clean up our image, but failed to clear the whole, were the bar of the court, the judicial inquiry was accused, and a large vastness of testimonials, but I did not witness, I was not even called for it, also would not say much, just would safeguard my well, I felt I was worth more manear the cause, could gain something from it if I kept silent, I barely knew that I would pay the price hard to crack. The guard Sparrow was out of prison services, the chief amorim had to take early retirement, manuel t. Still managed to win the presidency of a parish....


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