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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 21 - True Story It was a sad day for me I swore to myself that I would survive all the adverse situations that I might appear, was the beginning of my end for everything, the freedom lost for quite some time, took a heavy chain and managed to survive. It was time to win I learned the art of self-defense can raise through me, all respected me even administrative power that is what performs the duties of the institution as it is with this when we get something we have to deal, are owners of the piece, ie, they are owners of the territory they dominated, they think themselves so they are commanded to do what has to be done, pursue the path in loyalty, regardless of the way it may seem, can be and that all may have, but there is a subjugation which is disqualification, when exercising this position believe that may be masters of the situation, not resigned to be simpler, and who has to live, is the outcome of what they studied and disasters committed, were not one, not two, not four, were many, many different dubbed them the crucifixion of the most unfortunate, but I raised my morale because it has always been high, it all started when I got my entry in the ip Flax was a nasty, very tough, I was full of anger and desire to win, even thought about running away if she had opportunity to do so, could I keep everything because I got the respect of the veterans who were the ip, and they were the true pillars for me to learn the life in seclusion, guerreei, battled, could, if it were not so would be forgotten, all I remember, everyone likes to remind me, I was the image feature, I became a leader dark and cold did not know it was so loving and won glory in the chain, were acts cold who had to learn to live and remain at the top of the earth to win. Quickly demonstrated to educators, assistants, guards and direct to help me win the uphill battle, I felt no support just looked at the circumstances of the time and assistance was barbaric, what happened could not have happened, I turned the devil in me same, but not looking for trouble just wanted to live and survive, was the moment the circumstance....

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