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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 20 - True Story In March 1996 I found, in the subway Avenue, had already had a string of robberies in the subway, there were allegations of crimes that were there and happened to pass the time spent psp we came to ask identification, and there was already had an antecedent, a week before had been in superesquadra of benfica accused of stealing a player, but the guy who was with me, the raita, was cautious, inexperienced, he had come from ovar not know the city, but it was known guide , was a drug addict, and then as I consumed cocaine, thought fit to have a crutch security, ie safeguarding me well for the future, ie to have a force, a union for progression. But now here comes the structure, one of the main factors of the capacity of loyalty of each, starts wandering, that's how I found out what I already knew that you can not trust if you do not know, but my experience was extensive, was huge, was sure of myself, it was good at what he did, had done several armed robberies, I chose a path of not harming anyone, just get the money. For what? To live, joined in this way of life, and in March 1996, the 28th was more properly warned a warrant allegedly terminated only add missing introducing this theme, a week before had been arrested in superesquadra of benfica, I was sleeping in a car, the owner of what was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, a man who had passed through overseas, I had a habituation dozing around, but still had the house on the tip, actually that night was the ricardo, and stole a reader and fell asleep in the car, we were surprised and awakened by agents of the psp, belonged to superesquadra of benfica, but I do not amedrontei and told ricardo not to frighten would have to be strong and say no to the end, there was no evidence to the contrary, but he warned me that the cops would show up, but I reassured him, told him it's okay, I drank too much whiskey and wanted to sleep and I was not in the mood to go home and lived nearby. This happened, it was the worst questions you can feel when a man teaches and trains the situation the moment it can happen that day got off me. He could obey my rule of having nothing to say, but they were not convinced and have been searching for all the ushers car nearby to see if they knew of any assault, a cd player blue, but we had already committed several crimes before and all were engaged in robbery and kidnapping, went to survey the subway Avenue, the station was located in the Marquis de Pombal, Lisbon metropolitan precinct, respondents were, I said nothing, did not know the conversation ricardo, but as I had a history of having spent a week earlier in a similar situation, I trusted. On this day, we left the police station, had nothing to say, I trusted in his statement to me that he could get away, he was taking at the time the license was working, but I was already receiving the unemployment fund, continued to take the letter I went to the code, I was already in the driving, I felt good, I had fun and it was huge at the time it was served, I took with a warrant from the judicial, were I get home, had come from the gym , trained more than a month, when I entered the judicial realized, when I inquired at the station when the marquis was asked in the squadron of the Marquis de Pombal I said nothing, but all spoke ricardo, continued testimony in the investigation phase was the judicial investigation, they had nothing to say, nothing had been proven by striking factor. Why could not accept such a decision, I would like to deliver, maybe it would be better to have had a different attitude, to speak the truth, be cooperative, to repent, but judged me by my wisdom, wanted to play well with justice, the judge who sentenced me was a man who had troubles in life, one of the daughters died from overdose and other remaining children also walked clinging to the drug, I was advised by a lawyer, or telling the truth or it would be hard to crack, but I trusted in me. She did not defend me as it should have defended, did not know to be operational legitimacy of duties that must meet, as a representative of the law at the time had no personal lawyer nor have I ever been given, I had to hire after the arrest, after being sentenced after being convicted, I hired this lawyer, was all the energy I wanted to build, he knew he was at the crossroads testimony had not wanted to assume, paid a heavy price for the lack of collaboration and summed up everything to my great condemnation until even thought about killing myself....

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