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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 19 - True Story Why? We would be getting in the way of the broader human rot, are the slaves of democracy legalized the use of the situation to be enclosed and be subjugated to stricter rules; sometimes do not react the same way as normal in a soothing, is called the transcendence of being, the transformation to the side of being cruel, it was felt that I learned from experience that anger is a living to live, to live and survive and so is seen're proven by the values of science that is dominated as a safe way of living as well has to be, we can not evade the question, our characteristics that make us up are diverse, but all come from the same, mystification, there are beings more perfect than anyone, everyone knows live for this need of support secured and credible to the whole being, work in cooperation, cash it so others can have a better life, unemployment, a just cause, this is an experience that all of you will share with me, I called this story of continued of being, is the extension of this edition. It all started after the separation of my parents, I was admitted to a convent school in hale was the name of the college, on vacation with my father was near there, but after the separation not faced a good relationship with my father, and was from there that everything started, my mother had moved in to the tip after the breakup, I had about 10 years ago, when I arrived and I went to the tip, I ran away from school, did not accept that way of life, but trapped- I was an innocent, knew the force of law existed, my father was in the military dared me in the way the stories that my father told me, to be a man to be integrated into the military service, serving the nation, a hard man as I mentioned, but let yourself be carried away by his passion to love another woman, a good man physically powerful, intellectually too, cherish that have inherited their genes, had him as a hero, this is all learning that later came to transform. Why? The domain I knew I could do, since the time of separation, as I was with my mother became independent, got a lover to my mother, a hardworking man, worked in the post office and works, is a man of value, also began there, I needed to help my mother and became the dominant cause was treated okay, I repented, cried, but I won, I think this is the most appropriate theme, loved them as anyone, fortunately they are fine have a life of its own, it was normal to have discussions, but they have always had reason is that I was asleep by the transcendence of wanting more, wanted to have nothing to do, thought it was easier. I started working to help my mother, but soon realized that I was not to be overwhelmed, I began working as Casqueiro ie helper upholsterer, which is what causes the structure to be molded and padded, worked, was even twinge in my neighborhood, worked there with the toninho boy of my generation, had several brothers, but I was the favorite. A guy who worked there was the man Casqueiro structure to be able to upholster the sofa, was robust in appearance, and I no longer wanted to put up more, aggressive forms of speaking, this had lived with my father, so I chose by reversing the situation, I felt capable of progression of life, not weighed myself, but I could have disgraced me that day, for the sake of not wanting to hurt or injure, but I safeguard myself threw a stone the size of a hand, but I shot deflected wanted to give warning. Still took me there, I continued to work after I left by choice, but the owner died consumed by hiv disease, a situation that was not like I saw him suffer in sickness, but always respected him, I lost my job, I started in assets, ie, in slang is being used as guiding, and not put up with bosses, want independence, I was the son of a lion, and acted as such....

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