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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 18 - True Story Why? The force of reason always wins, and all the judgments that can make life can sometimes not be the most correct all weights by a factor: defamation, failure to be funny and not fall into grace, be one that all want to despise, to humiliate; feel as well and when there is a lack of economic power are always limited to play, also because part that this is a game, that is, some say it has to know how to play are dictated Popular for luck to us can beat us maybe a good thing, and that luck can give us what we demand, the welfare, the well-being yourself, being able to help because they were taught to do so also, share a life together with our parents, our brothers, sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers, because there is, this is our generation because we are a result of the extension of them to see their progeny generated beings, ie, we know the ability to know ourselves, we know they are ours, and our we are always on our side, but never like the look of having a member in a family that they can please have a picture to preserve the life was made thus the progression, union, welfare, nobody likes to have, or to see someone who is in our family or someone close to us because at the end, after we are all human, we have to deal with each other and family, sometimes we want to welcome others, feel themselves masters of what caused and make it a way of life that is written in all theological readings that can be read, ie the study of religions. All we take with moral lessons, is proper that those who feel a closeness so faithful, who do everything around seeing our good, our loved ones see them as well, der in der, and never want to hurt them before the image that preserve and that they have been taught, the values that they ruled not allow them to look good, to a situation that could perhaps be resolved were not sometimes misunderstood. This is all very nice and the media also transmits thus equal to the facade will display a pretty image, are also pushed by a power that we all accept governance issue very hard, but that has to do with all this going be reported, there, exist, continue to exist, education is also given to those who call themselves masters of reason and sometimes they want to convey and disunity, they all have one thing in common keep: welfare, welfare that they can provide an area for everything they want to aspire and welfare for society, but they all lived and were raised with a father and a mother, they were given the right conditions in order to progress in a career that aspires to be, but also fail, but always forget and are governed by the image, I kept this speech because my vastness is huge in this life, learned a lot, developed what was to develop although it was never thought in leash the end, ambicionei always have direct contact with employees of establishments where I was, my career prison can dub it it will be better interpreted in terms of the word as well, but must be, to be interpreted as honestly and frankly there is in life. There is related bilateral relations are relations that govern all nations, are matters of community interest to safeguard the assets, so that they can make a well-being that was well established in the world, freedom theme harder to speak, we give all our freedom, most beautiful thing in the world, is the greatest pleasure one can have in life is to be free, we have to know is that all obstacles that we have throughout life and can find. There is a huge variety of them, I can get the main: the social good, we all have one thing in common, like ourselves, can be ugly, beautiful, no matter, we get used to living, appearance is not everything, for times, behind a good looking can find a bad side, but it was the hand of Apollo, the side of beauty, described by nietzsche I followed his autobiography, there is no reason for most, the side of the beauty is that we makes you dream, that makes us love it, brings all good, but there is the well goes hand in hand with evil, as described nietzsche existed the Dionysian side, ie, good and evil incarnate in the human gut, when we talk about all things that exist at the top of the earth whoever they are, whether political, whether judges are mayors, presidents of associations are all can be, even TV presenters are to have a charisma and gratitude, but also no one can be forgiven, said exactly the word, forgiveness all have a reason and when we are put issues we take everything we do on behalf of the said laws that govern a society and we can do justice to the word law. It was there that got the right not to be punished and be defined by law because it all fits, abuse exists, has existed and will exist is the prologue. And the prologue comes from transcendence, an apprenticeship besides, we all live because we know that transcendence is more than that, it may be, it may be, is able to teach, is to have everything, but is there a keyword that means anything this: philosophy, way of life, enjoyment of life is this that makes up one of the factors of transcendence, we remain and continue to live the same way, the evolution of be have been generated, being abandoned does not make one evil blessed well we can practice is the divine, that we learn, we learn our fate is all we are left a grand heritage values, so they extol the words they write, but that's all keep the glorification of power and being exaltation, because all of this could be beautiful, if it really was all completed and is written was very good....

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