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May 4, 2018

to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 17 - True Story Because we all want to command the right to conquer a space in which we ourselves provide security for being inserted in a way that we always deal with the fear , but it's not a fear , it's just us Making sure we can overcome the situation knowing being, knowing talk , knowing being in business darkest thought to think, in the world of drugs , is very wide, it is an immensity and vastness of a huge all you can think about when it comes to crime by all that one can predict business that are not for profit , in a way dictates that we correct or acceptable by the society and in the eyes of the law , there begins to dispute all want to win even if it has to invent , in this case stealing , trafficking , finally collections difficult , hard things to do, also involves an exploration when there is a chronic addiction that themselves know they have no output acobardaram become quite the dependence factor , are controlled , are subdued , extorting money to family feel the pain of seeing a child addicted to heroin and assumes that all may be lost to human dignity , ie losing all values of education that we take to be someone in life , we live the way we were taught to live because these are the values that are used to meet the social and ethical values that our parents left us and we will be proclaiming how many children we will generate , will this education that we teach is always the life extension. Now beginning to unravel the life cycle that gives us , is written in the bible, born to breed, but also can read in the Bible that Cain killed Abel , his brother, but was blessed and forgiven , was misled . Sometimes happens in life , be induced to error, fatal , one that is written properly , because it was written by the experience and the way the laws that lived and grew .


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