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May 4, 2018

to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 15 - True Story Regardless of evil , the evil that would come to pass me because , having taken an education based in the future and be able to live with it , is a strong factor to be so, and we used to and we take the teaching that life is so live to die just do lead , but when I was transferred to valley Jews , but all that is behind us began a new cycle this was my way of life and way of thinking does not allow any kind of abuse , had my character, boiled in little water , and when I came to the valley of Jews , decided to take a new turn , wanted to get rid of the nightmares of the past , even though I had them, in the past , not really had was a simple way to say, what there go there , but not quite, what there going , there will , only let go, let yourself be lulled into the fantasy that we really are a being domineering and spent the owner of the galaxy , ie, all dysfunctional and everything is ready for this, because they are employers and employees do not control their adventures to steal and to say that is legal, is a form of cheating , one of the moments that most glorify me in the linen was my achievement because in addition to ensuring my name in the square . Had one more thing , it was the time of all or nothing with no breakthrough win or die , was the motto that had within me the strength to live and not be able to enjoy what I had while I was locked up , never used violence free my mates got almost crying tears , I saw that the wickedness of being exercised by other companions who were dominated by violence and were perhaps obliged to do everything the traffickers wanted to , but I do not enveredei by a hard way , although I had grabbed the heroine , I swore to myself that to live within the chain be willing to kill and to live in a dignified way lest I could piss at the end , after all adversities are the moment are those with which we have to handle all , although it was not my wish , create enemies where there are walking and bad about myself , there were those who tried to harm me , the direction did not like me then that's when they did , they sent their informants are present at all times when were open to they can better inform of everything that I could come to do, they had a guilty conscience , but something sparked my attention and made me change , basieie me much in the teachers I had , I felt love platonic by some , and that was when he was going well , but then turned the boat , grabbed me and put me in the valley of the Jews, was difficult after eight years of imprisonment linen, left a vast history at prison because he knew everyone and they knew me and that's why I never wanted to punish one hundred percent , I was often punished with disciplinary punishments , one for assault and other verbal abuse by the guards and that's how I realized it really was dealing with a mafia more powerful than I , but in reality there were more than I had only books and diploma, which were a different being from me , because once gone, played a lot at the time ball, to my amusement , incidentally threw everything he had to play , I played the highest trump what ever you can play , ace of spades , there was nobody to tell me that he could tell it would have bad luck with this letter , and told me that could have bad luck with this letter , times change and it was there that I began to realize that life is not within the chain , but outside , but never wanted to internalize , but I knew that was my strong point ; began a dramatic story would eventually in homicide, three brothers and they were all consumed heroin and heroin for them was the need of the moment , or what were dependent , were drug addicts . But deep down, they were humble people , had a good heart , because they needed to be helped because they took in life and I also took , it was a hard life , we can even say that it was a slave , the way life was , every day we were going to smoke but ressacar .


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