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May 4, 2018


to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 14 - True Story But ironically nothing happened only beat him , not kill him he redeemed himself and tried to strengthen my friendship with him , but he knew he would never forget him in this episode, only forgave him because he have the humility and have been deceived by what spoke to me , not by the prisoners , but the prison service , and direction because he knew he could not defeat me , would pay the price early death , then so was I let him walk and when I realized he was humble learned to respect it and accept, for he would not be alive if I did not want him , but not worth only was a high price to pay , I was criticized by ordinary prisoners who hated cops , went achincalhado . - Nelson as you accept this guy ? I accepted it because he above all he was a professional , gained powerful enemies in the environment in which he lived, being cops , had a lot of knowledge , we knew the top and knew powerful people who could help , threatened me to stop talking to this individual or would allow to have our respect and they ours, but I let him live , was one was one of our , Cape Verdeans I mentioned the nelson and carlos were lived in exactly the area where I grew up were they shoulder to avenge me and outbursts came after , and they wanted to see this guy butchered individual, but I let him go left , do not mean anything of that individual , though I have nothing against him , and the story of these brothers carlos , was shot by an agent of the psp , it was referred to , was very beaten , played chess with me , he was an "expert " in the field, knew only play for money , I always told you , is not worth it , played by love the sweater , but by then it was fine , he was being sponsored by manuel and romão and the badona , we related as brothers , there was mutual , had all of us in the middle where crime lurks at any second to millisecond, there much and sometimes we may get caught in the middle and after having done this, I decided to pursue my way , I made many escorts in the chain , ie , assured the welfare of some, and to win my , ie a hand washes the other . Was the motto , the motto for assistance , but there was always the risk of metermos in a situation if we were called to this, a murder happened linen, never put it in question were good days and happy because I walked up to this decision , I could not do , always thought of me , I never thought in others. It was all very fast until my transfer to the valley of the Jews after eight years met linen, they never wanted me and accepted me as well , wanted to harm me , but respected me , always waited for my carelessness , something I never gave them . There was a woman who was an employee in the legal industry , she liked me and I forgave her, but forgave this with taste, the day I set up the trap was exactly at the time I was more powerful than ever , never talked much them with the cops , was a danger , I walked willing to do anything .

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