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May 4, 2018

to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 9 - True Story And it is absolutely certain that we live for a cause, we are not continuing to remain and exist on earth. I do not know, could vary the theme, but it could hinder the reader reading, could divert attention from the real story that happened. But these are parables that during the entire book will always exist because we do better specify and understand the situations that have been experienced. Why? So you can see that it was all in a society where there were always healthy lives and understanding from society because the eyes of others can even be judas, but there is something very important in life, what we sow is the fruit we reap. But in front, must be treated well, to be the exemplar, my father always saw me and wanted to see as a king, but I am the king, the warrior who can not always win and I started very young. When I mentioned that easy not easy, but hard, that's when I dubbed the hunts. After assaulting a slap in the face that I felt was that he had lost, I felt even in the eyes, she later tried to reconnect with me, but I refused and that's when the real story began the crime, but had a history , was already separated when they fulfill six months in a military prison in Santarém, was the military prison. At the time it was condemned arnaldo, ie the history of this individual fits on my way to prison, the extension of the book the reader will understand the real social environment, in this case prison, stick six months was given pardon by the pope. It was all I could invest to lead a good life, I had already separated from the tub. And what did I do? Tried their luck.


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