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May 4, 2018


to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 8 - True Story Why? Judged me only and if lost would lose the woman of my life , but it happened . I wanted to go to Bairro Alto and she go to a disco in small field , discussed and it was there that we might not have been her will , the elder brother never accepted the relationship as well . I had a fight with him , but it was before starting to love tina , but has been a moment of circumstance, but I liked him , but he did not accept my way of life , never told me so , but it was never shown the my hand, knowing that I was well . Did not harm much, but he did not accept my relationship with his sister . He only lived with me for the circumstance of the context , we lived in the same neighborhood so we kept that relationship , that of our creation . Her mother was coming from them , Mrs. conception , the father did not know , but it was good sir, raul . Learned to live only at the expense of women, arrived a height in the neighborhood to proclaim it 's fiscal quarter , was a child , but he had a sense of time , was already studying . And that time was quickly seen that , despite the small age who had had to fight for life and had : father, mother , home, food not failed me and never failed me . Because despite the low salary that my mother received , 11 were tales that paid income and there is my father only paid the rent , there is , but never lacked food. So it was the beginning of the end , ie , the removal can lead to forgetfulness , I think it was one that was left in me learning to lose my father had to react in the same way as him. I looked at him as a hero , a man of humble folk fighter son , grandmother , Elvira , was with whom I lived until the age of 6 , until he went to school , what happens ... I got used to my grandmother, was forming me , regardless of the direct monitoring of my father, but the time has not yet had his eyes wide open , but she had the sense of time . Had the notion of time. They are the purest reports that may exist in the world . Why? Nowadays anyone can come to the fore by their way of life regardless of the position he plays or social hierarchy . So part of this, the notion that no one can really be accused of anything without concrete proof , ie concretely . Why? So governed laws and we all have access , should not kill, steal and rape . But we can back to the dawn of humanity and such events succeeded , because the story is based on that. We continuity , that continuity that will always be continuous , one that is destined .

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