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May 4, 2018


to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 6 - True Story And as such we all have addictions , but as always take this the wrong way when we do not like one thing that was always noticeable as evil, but it has a great vision of where we are all created , are our means and coexistence makes our training and terms of wanting the ambition to live well and be better than the other . Fast Times exist many as the kids of my creation , but in the midst of these bastards there was a girl , I always liked her since I met her , had the same birthday as me. As always liked her since the day I met her , I always liked her, she lived with me and very much lived with my sisters , had a very it was not love at first sight , think and believe that there will never be woman as loved one , the first time I kissed you , I felt the real lion, we all like to see ourselves in the savanna . He who has the right to a life equal to all men to have a wife and a family . Even accepting her the way of life I have lived and this love exists only once in a lifetime , I am not the wise , nor never considered myself as such , but I met them all , were integrated in one way or another, all we must turn , paid a large bill but it all because I wanted to have a good life . He was good at what he did , I started doing burglaries , thefts began in simpler , did some of gunpoint . But after degradei me with excessive consumption of cocaine , I felt good in smoking and did not want to leave . Took me delirious , but never punched anyone in my assaults , if there were no reaction, would not need to use violence , wherever would mitigate the bars of the court . I know who walks in the rain wets herself , just wanted to get the money or get the values that brought . Varied locations like growth on the tip , Lisbon has always been fun for me , staring at this city as I have already read the history books , the city of historical and cultural value . I saw the progression of having a good life , to be able to live a life encordeirada as such , ie , just wanted the money , he knew he was good, just wanted the money and felt bad these acts , was only intended to satisfy the my addiction and feel social , the social environment , to be good with people and feel normal normal way of living in relationship with people . I felt domineering , I thought the lion 's mane in the conquest of its territory and area of life . That was how life had I faced a woman ! Well ... I faced this way of life in a positive way in which evil could do to people , have never harmed anyone in a way of ruining the other in a brutal way and leave them with nothing .

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