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May 4, 2018


to be continued: way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 5 - True Story Why? Because it would be difficult to move the reader the true sense of the pain of not being forgiven and terms opportunity to prove to commit a crime and feel the evil that we are practicing. When we are abandoned by society and are the look of the neighborhood, we all like to look. Why? Have a look to look, it comes from the individual capabilities. Why always born with a legacy of progress in life, so we can also teach and impart a bitter life experience, and I'm still paying for it! I was born in Africa, had three sisters: a elvira, candida and are. 's There a good start of a story that could be a brilliant story, but it happened to be a less good life story. I felt much wickedness of men who perform this function, the so-called prison guards, enemies always judged them for not wanting to accept that I really could have safo on that trial. Committed several crimes along my path as I walked in life. This term was used in slang, with whom we dealt, was a form of slang, or we can also term oriented. Were the places we were looking for and the way of life we led were always the pier, where there was violence or that violence was not found so tempting or provocative, because we really feel good in what we do. Is not well seen in the eyes of society, because no society accepts that others may live the crime, if it is not seen as a necessity of substance that may seem terribly bad, but they do exist.

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