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September 10, 2019


The Fear

Of the most difficult situations, perhaps the most difficult situations are those in which the fear overcomes the situation, that is, we face the situation by the impact it will have on us and the fear this fear up can be a fear unknown, not have any consequence or even have predictable consequences and even does not happen anything. But the fear it establishes and makes the experience, the absence of fear is good, I mean I’ve had many fears and I think fear is a thing that decreasing over the years I do not have the same fears I had when there 20 years ago. The fears are supporting the situations to which there may be an absence of fear, this in a simple way I can no longer have fear of death, can be many factors, it may be by suicide, can be by reaching a height such intellectual who is already indifferent is indifferent because built and did something that he himself say nor that it is in advance or that it is available, there are few cases at this time. Deepening the fears that can give origins to many unpleasant situations, I can even enjoy some thing but if there is a fear the times or a situation where people feel pain or the very thought of fear trigger reaction, there are situation where people control the fear to get around situations and protect for the impactbut there are those who have no other way out but to borrarem, when I say borrarem to fear this is a physical reaction that prevents them from having a normal attitude, of course there are people who are easily disturbed by any symptoms or any adversity, people often are afraid to get involved with the adversity and the adversity that is gaining contours and gives mental structure to advance them to situations and degrees of higher StatesI had a child afraid of the dark, now prefer the dark to the light, I was not marked by fear and there are even fears that are exceeded and even more than fear the preference, I know that there are desirable situations and other desirable but not in the true rise of desirable word I think the more we control our actions and they are perceived by our mental structure, why not just do things and let go and do not understand, we are not robots and we need to know for certain type of work and so often people are a means to achieve certain purposes of course but is this correct use people to achieve a certain objective, in certain visions may be necessary on a serial or mounting work all people to build a piecenow all people will need to be part of a team to achieve particular purpose, I guess not, you will need people passed through experience to learn given situation, also think not, but if the live certainly will have another perception of avoiding and people who spend that experience feel a greater experience than they are for them certainly in the case of pain is understood a person who cripples and has a physical pain that person will avoid to the maximum that the repeat, take care or if you do not take care will face the worst situations form the situations. Now the more situations as heavier is heavy baggage how many more errors and fears, the greater the enrichment through contact with the situations will produce satisfactory results and much more real for the set of all situations that may occur by life outside, and after certain positions or emotions that a person acquires are different at certain times and certain dates are likely to up the person act with indifference at one point of his life the person left to think about given situation however spent and spent and never wanted to know this situation in life. Now there are phases in which we all the same phases, we broke the same situations we can learn from others to pass similar situations, yes we can leverage to pass or solve a problem but the feeling coming from this resolution is intrinsic to each person, the person can even lay out the problem and solve it easily and not realize how solved the problem and the problem is solved without the knowledge of the form of the resolution because it was a mechanism applied that worked with a person but may not work with another person and may not work with all stimuli may lead, when I speak of stimuli I may have given encouragement as I am having to speak of a certain situation in General and the other person doesn’t have any stimulus for the same situation in a general situation some people recover very well other problems that are dragging do not see output or at the exit doors are closed. Now I believe that everything can be explained, I believe, but there are things that I think that there are no further explanation is ve

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