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May 4, 2018

to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 12 - True Story Linhó , after three months of preventive joined the Linhó chain condemned , my story begins around the nose of a being restricted by the bravery , so in which we have to deal with the alien world , what happens is this , as I knew that the path could be very long in seclusion , turned to the jungle run was the easiest way to deal with those who commit crimes and are within the chain is a world where the prevailing law of stupidity , and when we read with donkeys we have to deal with them , but if we can fall too smart , so life there life must be taken not so much the land or the sea , that was my salvation , it was this method that I chose did win, but my beginning will be long and it was a start troubled me because I saw no women , no freedom I found myself stuck , lost and was new , I thought of all that might have to be in the years could pass there. So what did I do ? I began to earn respect, not easy , not even wanting to get into violent conflicts , they happen because they go through a routine that then later came to realize , after the routine that I loathe to see live , never thought beings human could do much harm to each other because each selling drug, others are consumers because life within the chain that revolves around the monopoly is the drug because it was so I started smoking heroin, as I had entered the chain excessive consumption of cocaine , heroin decided to start , but a form of play , I look smoking heroin, but when I found myself clung could not do anything , but I learned to do, but this will be reported later , then the start this was having a life in jail regardless of the reality that escapes the pleasures , just resigned myself to heroin knowing that I would ignore the idea of having sex, was powered by a chemist who would not let me think about this . I like platonic love is legitimate and got great loves , but one thing that is guaranteed , but not enough experience , not enough want to smoke , there is always the aspect we want to be leaders of seeing others in a hierarchy to command what you know it does not , it is painful , it is hard to crack , I decided not to feel sorry for anyone, because it also was there, I was paying a debt of justice, but my route was very bad , if I had learned this lesson earlier would won and lost because they would not have in the middle of the sentence , but my image was burned , was quite referenced , there is an account of my journey through these years in jail , was the beginning of the end hard a principle by which I can not regret I smoked for years to such drug, helped me release a great need we all feel it is a pleasure to logical terms , terms of freedom to be able to walk fine taste, all these years I also love to build there, but it will be for later, now I will talk about the journey that is long , do not know how everyone starts when they are sentenced by the entrance which is looking for a well-being , even within the cloistered life , but that's all subjective, because in our welfare may not appeal to anyone who looks at us , may displease at various points , the first can be stolen, seconds can turn slave labor , third or love can turn a housewife by day , there is a lot of variety of men within the chain that you can not always know what goes inside the soul, or that each one likes , and many choose not to be harmed , but besides that there is a point most importantly , never , never can buy a friendship , even if she pays within the chain , confrontation is very hard within the chain , there are those who have nothing , the confrontation within the chain is loose , loose on one side and is strong as a whole , would bn or she had to give back , to get away with it but wanted to walk so wanted to walk the hard way , was the way I always took me to understand , my hand was always more psychological . It was from there never found well within the path of the chain , did not believe in the well , saw only evil . Why? Because I felt disgusted with myself , because the eyes of others was just a bitch , bitch is a slang term we used to use , which means slacker , one who does not want to devote any cause except what is resigned to do, always goes the way that it always gives the divine power is there, the belief of hope and faith , and always transported inside me , I saw homicides in there . But as I was marimbar for it , and let me live , I never tried to harm , truth be told , and this is exactly how this all started , I was very unstable , unpredictable, and the school principal encourages me to continue their studies , but it concluded only that not all studying , had family support, guaranteed. This is when there is always assured with a cool way to live and claim the power that is evil, why is it called guaranteed support , within the law are those which give us evil when we are being pushed and beaten by the system , because by do not have money are pushed to a system where there is money all goes well , works righteousness , because if there ever was .


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