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May 4, 2018

to be continued : way of life ... portrait of the Portuguese system prsional seen by a convict who I reported on my 3rd book - take 10 - True Story Still got to work on the subway from the tip as an assistant carpenter . Blacks feared me , worked with black cable - green, good people who wanted a better life than they had in the country of origin . Portugal sought to have a better life in their country could not have so the demand that led them to emigrate from the country itself . Portugal was easier to search by proximity . I began to feel the proximity of Cape Verdeans live with them, Cape Verde was nicknamed bad because they had to fight inequality and when they came here to Portugal were beings who were not well accepted because it had passed the War overseas and at that time was still pissed , was a Chavalito , was awakening and began what was that nobody wants a child , I began to wander , never been vadiador , was one vagueador . Had domain expertise that had in the past, saw the separation of my parents at age 8 , was already studying , and as such already knew it was not going to fall very well , I felt the removal of the man who was a hero . Seeing this lost, even at a young age I realized I would have to help my mother , but I truly loved my father . All would spend summers with him until 17 years later still continued when he was in the army , but then began clearance that is natural . At the time he was in the mouth of the fig tree in the school 's service transportation where I spent the holidays with him . My father was a hard man , had a tough childhood , lost his father with14 years was my grandmother 's ambition to grow in life, have more support and have more money . My father reported that his farewell was loving was he liked because it was a hasty farewell from the farewell , never again to see his father , but grew hard to help her mother , who was the son lived at home longer mother . 6 years lived with my grandmother , but how hard it was , had come downstairs grew hard , never let the children starve . At the time he was a miner . Sought ore business , but did not work there was also cyclist , at the time he joined the army and continued his career there. Became a normal man , joined there by the necessity of life , as it ensured that we all have to ensure self-sufficiency . It happened , as he was a hard man , friend of friend , friend of the children , but it was not of many words , but it was respectful and honest .


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